Rye Goby Question


Imagine for a second I am at your fish shop...after you have emptied my pockest of all I was trying to steal and got past my "your wife is babe" comments--which goby would you suggest for me? I have a yellow tang, coral beauty, tomato clown, chromis, purple fire fish, full load of inverts including shrimp and coral. It is a 125 with about 3 1/2" of live sand in the display and I don't want all my sand critters to disapear. What do you think, better yet, which goby could I order from swf.com that would be good for this? Thanks buddy.


Thanks Bang (always an honor to have question answered by Bang), those are great looking little guys. I was also thinking about trying to do the pistol shrimp/gogy thing too, do you think 3 1/2" of sand would be enough or would I need more?

bang guy

3.5" would be plenty. The Shrimp get really excited when they find a piece of a shell or coral to "shore up the walls" so have some rubble on hand to give to the shrimp. It's a riot to watch how animated they get when they find something bigger than a grain of sand.


I have a yellow watchman goby and an unidentified clown goby.
Watchman's colors are wonderful. Its body is totally yellow covered w/ small neon blue dots
clown goby is always in the corals


Wow, thanks waterfaller! None of these guys will munch on my other shrimp (peppermint and cleaners)? I just bought Reef Secrets by Alf Nilson and Svein Fossa and it makes all gobies sound like fierce shrimp preds. It is an okay book, but i would have preferred a little more advanced book.


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Hey Evan-
It sounds like you've already got some great suggestions.
As Bang Guy mentioned........I am pretty partial to Clown Gobies. I also like a lot of the Blennies. Lawnmower Blenny, Midas Blenny, Bi-Color Blenny, etc..
Goby choices would probably go to:
Clown or Neon Gobies
4-Wheel Drive Gobies (they will eat sand critters though)
Clown Goby
4-Wheel Drive Goby


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I love my clown goby always propped up in the corals and hovering around. He is a great little guy.