's Invert Package


I am probably about to buy 1 of saltwaterfish's Invert packages in the next couple of days. The question is how many of yall have bought the packages and what codiction was they in when you got them.

nm reef

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Jamos.....I've got 3 seperate packages from this site and they were all top quality.......extremely pleased with the quality of the critters as well as the quality of the service :cool:


I have bought one package here and other than a pain in the arse sally lightfoot, everything was fantastic. The sally lf wound up snagging some fish in my tank. If I was you (if you have smaller fish), minus the sally lightfoot.


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I got the Big 20 Bonus +2 and everything was great. (They only sent one cleaner shrimp but have said they will add one to my next order, so no biggie.) Follow their acclimation procedures that come with the shipment.


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I got the 90 gallon package on Friday. Everything was in good shape and lived over the weekend except the turbo snails (lost 16 of 20 dont' know why). I love the emerald crabs and shrimp.


I got the Market Leader pkg....what a deal! swf is GREAT about substitutions too! I subbed out 4 of the items....and swf didn't even blink! :) I subbed out the coral banded for an arrow....which is my favorite invert now! They didn't have peppermints b/c of a storm in their area, so ask first if all of your inverts are avail. The scarlets and the blues were SMALL....speaking of small, the serpent star was request a large one if you want. No need to request a large brittle star though....he's a monster! I subbed out the scallop for a sally...Half of one of his claws was gone...grew it back pretty quick though.
Oh yeah, only one DOA: I had subbed out a cuke for a pygmy came with 2 cukes, the pygmy was DOA. :(
Also, you can add a fish/coral to your order without paying extra shipping too! (if it's small enough) :cool: