Sea monkeys


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Has anyone ever tried raising sea monkeys and feeding them to your fish??
i have a new addition to my tank and he has not been eating the food i have offered. many kinds of frozen brines and also tropical flakes. it is a black goby from pet-co. more than likely stolen from his home

florida joe

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If you are going to hatch brine shrimp and grow them out you need to remember that they need a constant food supply. When I grow out newly hatched brine I feed then a mixture of one teaspoon of baby food pureed sweet potatoes and one teaspoon of baby food peas into one cup of water. I add enough of this mixture into the container I have the baby brine in to make the water a little cloudy. It’s really a trial and error on how much food to add.


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I kept a bunch of brine shrimp in a quart jar for over a year by feeding it bakers yeast.


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My friend I have heard that if you feed to much yeast you can in fact kill the brine, do you have any insight into this
Your friend is probably correct.
It would seem to make sense.
I was just experimenting and the brine shrimp grew up and eventually there was a population of various sized shrimp.
the water would clear up in a few hours after adding the yeast once the srhimp got large enough.
And there were not enough produced to keep any fish alive. that would require a much larger culture.