Show us your... CLOWNFISH


Clownfish are arguably the most popular fish in this hobby, partially because of the ease of aquaculturing them, and also because of Finding Nemo.
We want to see every color, shape, and size.. every snowflake, gold stripe, skunk, and picasso clownfish out there!!!

THREE (3) winners will be chosen at random after the contest ends Tuesday, and winners will receive a $20 OFF Coupon code for use at


*Only one coupon code per order. Coupon codes may not be combined including store credits.


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That's my picasso. I'd post a shot of my baby Extreme Snow Onyx but I don't think we're allowed to post more than one. ...right?


Wow!! There are some beautiful clowns out there! Thank you all for participating, we will be contacting the winners with their coupon codes today. Look out for a different kind of contest coming up later this week :D


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uhhh... ther is a post below this called ''beat this'' and i am wondering why it has not been deleated, and i am quite disturbed after reading it.


These are my 4 and 5 inch clarkii so just guess how big this carpet is. If you look to the left on the nem there are eggs there they just laid.