So it Begins...all 10 feet of it...



I know that he lost the small crosshatch.
I think he also got another angel... I want to say a blueline, but I'm not positive.


I have the 120x48x32. It is truly awsome. I would reinforce the stand a bit more. Mine is 2x6's 12"OC with 3/4" top. Remeber this thing will be like taking a F-150, fulling the bed with sand and then setting it on its nose in your basement. Also MAKE SURE YOU PLACE 1/2" MED. DENISTY RUBBER MAT UNDER THE TANK, BUT ON TOP OF THE STAND. tHIS WILL TAKE OUT ANY IMPERFECTIONS AND INSURE THAT YOU HAVE 100% CONTACT AND SUPPORT. YTenecor's engineer said that these things cannot be off level by more than 1/4" or the potential of a rupture increases to over 50% In addtion, when they ship these bad boys, the front and rear panes tend to deflect a little, but they will level off after the tank is 50-60% full. One last thing, make sure you add some hydors for more movement. Mine came with reeflo snappers (2500gph) and there just wasn't enough flow. Like your lights, where di you get them. Good luck


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Hey everyone...sorry I have been on -- quite a bit these days :)
My build has stalled since the economy took a nice big dump. We are holding off on finishing the basement and dumping $70K into something that we would regret if I were to lose my job (not likely, but need to be conservative).
In any case, I will be setting up a 125 or 180 in the next month or 2 and it will house the remainder of my new fish till the big tank goes up. I will most likely start the tank build by September.
As for new fish - I did lose my little 3" female crosshatch :( she jumped out of the 55g QT that she was in the other day...very sad. The good news is, I will have her replaced in the next month or 2 :)
I did get a blueline angel from and it has been quite the ordeal. He came in over 7" and was basically dead in the bag. We acclimated him and left the lights off for 2 days. He swam fine and started to eat like a pig within 7 days of arrival.
He has an infection behind his left eye and it is now clouded over, but it is all treatable. I have administered meds in QT and he is fat and happy...this is why you QT ALL your fish!
Steve - as per your question, my lights are from TEK (Sunlight supply). They are 48" 8x54w T5 units. I have 2 of them and will be running an additional 4x60 VHO Actinics


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No updates yet guys on the tank build yet. I am switching out the ASM G5 with a MRC 6 skimmer! So I will be running the MRC6 and EV2000. Also, the tank is on schedule to be online by end of Sept early Oct.
I will update as things progress...this has been in holding patterns for too long...
As for fish - yes there has been some changes.
New stock:
(1) 4" Conspicillatus Angel
(1) 4.5" Moorish Idol
(2) Pakistani Butterflies (3"-4")
So total stocklist:
5" Clarion
11" Emperor
10" Queen
10" Blueface
3.5" Bandit
(2) 3.5" Declivis Butterflys
10" Female Naso
10" Hippo Tang
Stock lost:
5" bandit (infection in his mouth...this was the original bandit that I caught over a year ago)
5.5" goldflake - just stopped eating one day after 6 months


I dont visit the agressive forum much, at all really. This thread has taken up about an hour or so of my day and was worth every second. Absolutely amazing. Awe inspiring. I guess its been about a month, so I have to ask....
Updates? Changed Schedule?

el guapo

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He posted a pic on his face book the other day. Its in the wall but thats all I could see and he has not updated with any plumbing pictures yet .