Spanko's bio cube, what in Posiden's name is he up to now?


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Hello Luv,
Yes indeed. How is your tank!
Well, I am just now getting back into it with a new 20g set up. It is coming along nicely. I plan to get a few things and place them into quarantine this weekend if they are in stock locally. Its good to see that a few of you are still on this site. Where is Meowzer, Nissan, Florida Joe, 2quills, snakeblitz, siptang, etc etc?


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Pretty much, no. 2quills pops in every once in awhile.

Snake left. As for everyone else I'm guessing they have left as well.


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Snakeblitz left a while back. Too much spam and not many people. Shortly after that the spam stopped completely. Not sure why. It'd be nice of some of them came back.