Spanko's bio cube, what in Posiden's name is he up to now?


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I like the split rocks, I would do the same but I think I wouldnt like it unless it was like a bigger tank than mine. Those pics were under the Radium?


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Originally Posted by spanko
Yup 20k Radium in a 150 watt Sunpod. The bulb is about 3 months old now.
Glad to see it, alot of people say the color varies by the ballast. We;re going to have the same lights once I buy my bulb so thatll be an accurate estimate. If you see my thread, its really while right now.


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I love the color of ur tank. And SPS are lokin great. Im ready for them to grow out more.
U gonna put anymore sps frags in there? U should set it off with a sick Chalice!


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Thank you all for commenting and taking a look at the tank. You know Reb I was just looking at a really nice chalice today, various colors. Real nice pc. Just don't know where I would put one right now.


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Back chambers

Drip Tray

Pond screen top

1 Talbot's Damsel
2 Blue Green Chromis
1 Canary Blenny
1 FoxFace (used to control Caulerpa. Bought at 2.5 inches and traded in for a new one at 3.5 inches. This is the third one in the tank)
1 Peppermint shrimp
1 PomPom Crab
Porites worm rock
Kryptonite Zoanthids
Branching Frogspawn
Asst'd Monti plates
Orange Monti Digitata
Green Slimer
Aussie Acan
Monti Hispada
Orange Sponge
Crocea Clam
Thank you for your interest.


Very nice! I really like the way you have it all setup. Do you have other tanks as well, or just the 29g?


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No other tanks Chris, just the 29 bio cube. It has been set up since January 07 but has been through a couple of rescapes since then. Here is some history if you want to read about it.
Thank you everyone for looking.


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never saw the split rock thing in a nano before , it looks really cool! good job on all the coral placement also


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Wow great setup, I really like your drip tray set-up. I have a 14, with a fuge in chamber 2 as well. I wonder if your drip tray would work in my smaller area? Hmm.
Tank looks very nice and well thought out, like others have said the "two islands" rock aquascape is unique


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Just for your info subie, The biocube usually has that waterfall noise from the water spilling over the wall from the 1st to the 2nd chamber. This drip tray has eliminated that noise completely.


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I actually have my 2nd chamber filled with water, so I don't get the waterfall noise at all as is. I also run purigen and chemipure, same as you. However I have my purigen and chemipure in chamber 1, in chamber 2 I have lr rubble (about 2#s) chaeto and a submersible fuge light. On top of that my drip tray is unmodified and I just cut filter pad to fit in the drip tray area. Between chamber 1 and 2, I widened the channel to allow more water flow, and the ability to fill chamber 2 easier. In chamber 3, I have my heater and an upgraded return pump. What do you think?


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I'm one of those people that believe there are different ways to get to the same outcome. If your setup is working for you then it is another opportunity for others to see what they can do to theirs. My only caution to you would be on the rubble in chamber #2. There is perpetual detritus from live rock and in this case it is falling to the bottom of chamber #2. Some of it is staying in suspension enough to be sucked out by the return pump, some of it is heavy enough to fall to the bottom of the chamber. This will some where down the road be a potential source for nitrates. This is why I chose not to add rubble to that chamber in my design.Coupled with that is the fact that the small amount of rock you can fit in there:
1. Does little to help with the ammonia cycle compared to the amount you can keep in the display.
2. because it is rubble you do not get the benefit of larger pcs. of rock and the potential for the anaerobic zones in them to be a home for the bacteria that converts nitrates to nitrogen gas.
3. I would rather use the space for addition Chaetomorpha and the nutrient export capabilities it has.
These of course are my opinions and what I have developed the design you see from. Again if yours works for you then.....................


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I definately agree with the large one being a pteregorgia. I dont doubt your ID on the second, I just cant see it well enough to say for sure. So many look alike its very hard to tell one species from an other sometimes the only way is through a cross section. I love your tank layout though looks sweet...