Spanko's bio cube, what in Posiden's name is he up to now?


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Thanx for the reply and verification on the gorg(s). Like I said in your thread I love the photosynthetics and may try to put some more in here.


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Hey spanko, I finally ordered my Radium 20k. Im going to be making a thread in the Lighting Section of before and after once it comes in. I hope it looks like yours :)


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Got a new camera and some new coral so here are some new pics.


Blue Ric



Green Rics




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Red Milli

Green Slimer

Snail on glass

Mr X birdnest

Mr. X chalice

Mr. X blue milli

Thank you for looking!


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Originally Posted by rebelprettyboy
I love the color of ur tank. And SPS are lokin great. Im ready for them to grow out more.
U gonna put anymore sps frags in there? U should set it off with a sick Chalice!

haha told u a chalice would set ur tank off!!!!


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Reb, you are correct sir it was at your prodding that I bought it. Mr._x just happened to have some for sale (watermelon) and I jumped on it. Can't wait for it to grow out some to see what happens with it.
PD no the Acan came from a LFS here in the area. You can't really tell but there are about 4 heads on it. They really flatten out and get huge during the day.
I am really impressed with the Pseudocorynactis. If you followed my posts in the past I was worried about these when they first showed up but decided to keep them and see what developed. I am glad I did as it has not grown, nor any of it's 3 other buddies in the tank elsewhere, and is not causing any problem but looks sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!
Thanx for the comments gentlemen.