Spawning Pair of Clown Fish



Hi Guys! new to the forum, but have been keeping marines for a few years now.
I have just upgraded my tank from a 62Litre to a 110Litre, let it cycle and ready to start over again.
We went to our LFS today and chose a pair of spawning Clown Fish that were already spawning inside the tank and have been since January.
my question is, we’ve acclimatised them to the tank and the levels are all good,(we took a sample to our LFS). The large female seems to be breathing a bit heavier than normal, but has made home inside the plant pot I put in for her and for her hubby. Is this normal? Just stress maybe?

many comments welcome :)

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Do you have your own test kits? Very important. If you do have test kits can you list the current water parameters?

Breathing heavy is definitely a sign of stress. Could be the new environment or it could be the water parameters have changed since you had the LFS test your water.

One common mistake with new tanks is to add a couple fish without preparing the tank. Do you have any live rock?


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Agree w above. Definitely need more info on your tank. Especially with clownfish. Most now are captive bred and very hardy. You shouldn't have any issues if the water prams are good


Thanks for replying guys
Nitrate and Nitrite both sitting at 0 and salinity is 1.023.
Think it may have just been the stress as her breathing is normal again now and they’ve been cleaning their pot ready for spawning :)