Spiorbis sp


I have been developing a herd of spiorbid worms lately. Not a fast bloom, but a steady population growth. Aside from indicating possibly high suspended nutrient levels, what is the general consensus on these worms? Good, bad, no big deal?
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A pain on the viewable glass, decent particulate filters everywhere else. If you have a check valve these will quickly impair its function.


Good deal, thanks for the information. No check valves, so no worries there. Everything is either HOB or power heads. Tank parameters are good and water changes are frequent and voluminous. I will let them filter their butts off, on the back of the tank. Does anything prey on them?


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I have those growing on every rock in my tank, but the place they seem to love the most is the dark area of my skimmer chamber. They've covered the sides of the chamber, and quite a bit of the bottom. I guess the heavy flow brings them what they need to survive...