Tank of the MONTH!!
OK you asked for it, so here it is. SWF has agreed to host a TOTM contest, and have asked me to oversee it. SWF will issue the winner a $50 gift certificate, and the winning photos will be rotated on the board either in the background, or within the review section.
The rules..YES, RULES
EVERYONE is invited to participate!
The photo submission part of the contest will run from the 1[sup]st of the month until the 23[sup]rd. The remaining week of the month will be for voting purposes.
I will start the thread, and (for example) the first one will be TOTM September/Submissions.
The pictures will be moved to a polled thread on the 24th[/sup], where voting will take place.
Voting will end at Midnight (central time) on the 30th[/sup] day of that month.
EX: TOTM September/voting
EVERYONE is entitled and encouraged to vote, and will be limited to ONE vote per person.
I will then notify Mary who the winner is, and a gift certificate will be issued

A contest winner, can only win ONCE in a 3 month period.
Pictures: We are asking for a FTS (full tank shot) of a current tank (within 3 months) IF your tank is 75 Gallons or larger, we are allowing a FTS, and another shot showing a different angle. These will be considered ONE entry, not 2, and are to be submitted in the same post.
medium">We are asking that there be NO OFF TOPIC DISCUSSIONS, or comments in the picture thread.
Any comments or concerns can be directed to me via p.m.