The Ultimate Nano


Hey Guys,
I have been gone for awhile
But now i'm back, and i was thinking why not come back and set up the ultmate nano thread?
So Here Is how it goes

- post your nano
- specs eg. size, coral, fish
When we have collected everyones post, me and hopefully the mods "have to talk to them" will decide on who has the ultmate nano!
Best Of Luck

p.s i will be posting mine sometime tommorow


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thought if i posted pics of my nano, i can get other people to post pics of their nanos also. ok first my nano has been set up for 9 months
-24 gallon nano cube w/ stock lighting
-no mods yet. thinking about changing the stop pump
-corals: frogspawn, hammer, various mushrooms, various zoos, kenya tree, toadstool, one ric(under barnicle), and star polyps
-fish: 1x goldband maroon clownfish, 1x purple firefish, 1x coral beauty angel, 1x royal gramma
-inverts: 2 cleaner shrimps, various snails, various hermit crabs.
now for the pics. the bangaii in one of the pics is no longer there. it died for an unknown reason. it never ate and it always layed on my toadstool. enjoy



Mine isn't that ultimate, but I do keep it in my dorm room and move it four times a year wich makes it a little bit ultimate!
And I thought Nanos had to be under 20 gallon?!?! anyways I have a 10gal...It is still in progress, recently had a bit of a hair alge outbreak so it isnt too pretty right now.
Corals: five large fuzzy mushrooms, handful blue and red musrooms, pumping xenia, star polups, yellow polups, buttons, a small leather, and a gorgonia.
Fish: Pair of Percual clowns, six line wrasse(moveing him out soon, getting to agressive) and a bi-color blennie...Yep it is a lot for a 10 but that is why I do a water change once or twice a week
Inverts: variouse snails and hermits and a skunk cleaner.
P.S im not the best tank photographer
heres the pics :happyfish



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Originally Posted by christs
How often do you leave your lights on during the day? What additives do you use in the water?
my lights turn on at 10 in the morning and turn off at 8 at night. i use to use additives but not that often now. i use to add coral vite, stronitium molybedium, and essential elements. but most i do water changes.


Originally Posted by jhebi

I have a Tang Police scanner at my house and I already heard the APB. You better run


Ten gallon
25 lbs live rock
20 lbs sand
various shrooms and zoos
Fluval 304
Whisper 60 (with cheato and live rock)
606 powerhead


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Originally Posted by jhebi

stop put your hands up and give the tang a bigger tank!!!!!
on a more seriuos note really the tang will get streesed out and get ich then die they need a huge amountof swimming room a 100 gal min.


wow all those tanks are great.......and if you've seen jhebi's posts before he's cycling a larger tank to put the tang in.......
but anyway.....loving all the any of you guys run skimmers on them? I have a 28 that i just bought a skimmer for but the skimmer is hanging on the back and seems i was just wondering how you have your tanks set up.......

nm reef

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Definitely some great looking nanos posted.
But...I don't believe I'd want any part in tryin' to pick "the ultimate" nano....sure as you pick one another will show up to knock it off its lofty perch.


come on nm reef i need some help here i havent even posted my nano and there are some excellent looing nanos allready


Originally Posted by nanoreef
i thaught i would post a few of my 1st pics
there just macros shroom and a frog