TOTM January Voting Thread


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Don't get rid of TOTM! Bad idea! I agree with moving the thread to a more visible place and giving it another month.


I really don't think that there is a lack of interest. It's where it is and how buried the thread becomes. People don't dip all the way down to the photography contest. Lately the only forums that are really seeing any action is the New Hobbyist and The Aquarium. The contest needs to stay at the top of the "New Posts" page so that more people know about it. I didn't even vote this much because the thread got so buried.


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Wow, I can't believe that I just missed the whole January TOTM! I guess I forgot about it due to the reasons mentioned: It completely escaped my mind!


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WELL it seems we have a 3 way tie SOOO
congratulations to Xcali985, pbnj and siptang
We are going to take a break due to lack of interest...BUT we are going to try to come up with something else....if you have any ideas, please let us know
For me it is a lack of interest. I enjoyed the species/ themed (mushrooms, zoa's, etc...) contests more.


It's almost April (it has been a couple of months now)
I vote for putting it somewhere visible and starting up again :)


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Lets do a single video contest, less than 1 minute. Youtube uploads only that way when you post them you can use the video embed and it will work just like the pictures.


I think even without the prizes, we should start this thing again.
Just to get more people involved and others inspired and motivated and to get fresh new ideas that they can incorporate into their tanks.