Try this one...

What do you think that this creature is that came on a piece of LR? It seems firmly attached to the rock, and it is stiff but not hard (semi-soft?). It opens a hole on its top and another one on its side to filter feed, it is an orange color inside the hole. It is sentitive to light and movement and can be scared and shut up its holes. It is about the size of an avacado. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.


Sounds kinda like a tunicate. I have one on my live rock except mine is a lot smaller. If you were trying to post a picture it didn't work. It says something about not being able to access it??? Could just be my computer though! You might try to do a search on the web on tunicates and see if this is what you have.
Kelly, Thank you for helping me! Maybe now people can help me ID this very strange and cool thing.
Bang guy, it does not have a hard exterior or shell, and it is kind of tube or column shaped, almost like a loofah bath sponge.