Weird Centipede looking thing, ID?


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Before i say anything else, this isn't a bristleworm or anything i've EVER seen before.

It's a decently large centipede looking creature that I kind of think is an isopod of sorts? It moves very strange, almost like a shrimp swimming, and didn't appear to be hostile but was apparently hungry; he wooshed out of my live rock as i was feeding and swam directly into my filter by accident, where I managed to catch him. Here are the photos;


Just another note: I work at an aquarium store and have NEVER seen anything like this guy in our live rock set ups, only bristle and various other worms. Going to take it in in a bottle tomorrow if I can't ID him and see if my coworkers know.

Edit: If anything else would help with ID let me know, I still have him in the net.

Another edit: something that might be useful to know is I just purchased cheato macro algea today, perhaps a hithiker in that could narrow it down?
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