What are these, eggs?


Hi there everyone, long time no talk. Since my husband has been barred from posting here, I have to do this. Our tank is in flux with algea growth and cyno. We are trying to battle it as best we can with water changes and a GFO reactor. All our fish are doing fine and all inverts are fine. Our Zoos, gorgs, ricordeas, and shrooms are fine. My bubble coral has algea growth on a part of its skeleton. We dont know what to do about it as we know eventually the algea will overtake all the skeleton and eventually the bubble will wither and die.
On to the point of the post. Looking at the tank last night, my husband spotted these and has no idea what they are. We both guess eggs of some kind but we have no clue as to what kind. Anyone have a guess?


I agree, snail or shrimp poop.
As for algae issues, cut back on lighting and food and increase flow.