what are your pets other than fish?


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2 cats Callie the Calico and Phsyco the NUTCASE. 3 Birds and red ear SLider turtle. I am amazed the birds are still alive after the nutcase cat was found hanging from their cage poking his claws at them going I wanta snack a couple weeks ago.


2 dogs- a female catahoula and a cocker spaniel
1 betta fish
2 kids and 1 husband (oldest child) and a grandchild


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Toy Poodle (inside)
Black Lab (outside)
2 Cats (definately outside)
Ball Python (office...wife won't let me bring her home)


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Corn snake, umbrella cockatoo and an African Grey parrot and a variety of horses and ponies.


Doberman/German Shepard puppy named Pooh Bear
2 cats, Oreo and Kirby


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We bought a betta fish for my son when he was 4 years old. Had the fish for a year before it died on us. We also had a tortie persian kitty as well. Had to put her down a month ago for she was sick and was a mess. Long story short - tiny hole in bladder caused her belly to fill up with toxin fluids. Also she had possible liver or pancreatic cancer. She was 10 years old.
In 3 weeks we are picking up a new kitten - A blue point Ragdoll.