What kind of clam is this?


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Squammies don't belong in the rockwork...they really don't attach well enough to stay once they get some size on them. They rely on their weight to keep them in place on the substrate.
It's very nice!


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Looks like a maxima to me. There appear to be about 9-11 folds on the mantle and it should be fine where it is unless it falls or something else odd occurs. The only thing I would worry about is it gaping (the mouth being that far open). Hopefully it closes within a few days.


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ima say maxima too, although squamies and maximas look very similar when they're smaller.
actually, on second thought, maybe it is a squamosa. that peach color in the mantle is seen a lot more in squamosas IME. you cant really go by that though. shell will be the only way to know for sure.