whats your favorite salt?


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I use Reef crystals. works good, economical, and a decent calcium test at mix time.
any and all opinions are welcome.
Please no degading others if their favorite salt is different from yours this is just an opinion thing.


I use Instant Ocean. lion_crazz: I have been thinking about using Oceanic, good to hear that its a good product :)


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Instant Ocean Reef Crystals, never had a bad batch, never had a problem with it dissolving, good calcium readings and ph readings after mix, good price. Have always used it. Tried red sea once, did not like its disolvability.

reef bug

I started with Kent... no complaints...
Used Red Sea for a 7 month stretch. pH stability was a pain in the rear!
Now using Sea Chem Reef blend... LOVE IT!!!!
Fish, Verts, and Corals are all happy! :cheer:


I switched to Coralife......my calcium level was always too low when I was using Instant Ocean.


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Beware oceanic, this salt is mass produces at several salt flats in China,also it dissolves quickly because of kelators that can be very harmful to lps and sps corals,very quirky chemistry.....by far the best salt is crystal sea..... all major aquariums use it....look it up....the closest to sea water when tested for sea urchin larvae survival rate....good luck


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Used IO for awhile with no problems but went to Reef Crystals a few months ago since it's supposed to be more reef oriented and I like it too. Those are the only two brands I have. I do believe that there are bad bunches in every brand but luckily I haven't had one yet.


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I've used Oceanic for the last 4 months, works for me, corals are fine but since my LFS just ran out I bought a bucket of Tropic Marin Pro. Hope it works just as good as the Oceanic.


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coralife here too
. Test results are always are on target (salifert) and it dissolves real fast. great coral growth with no add in chemicals or buffers. Cheaper then some other mixes and I get the same results if not better then top shelf salt mix.


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Is Instant Ocean Reef Salt any good.. Im starting a reef so Im gunna be using that instead of the normal stuff.


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I've used several from IO, Coralife......I stuck with ReefCrystals with great success, no problems with dissolving or levels......Tried Seachem found harder to dissolve and had a couple bad buckets so quit that.....Tried Oceanic, did disolve quickly, but weren't crazy about the consitency of their levels......Never had the algae issues people have claimed though.....Tried Tropic Marin Pro, and have been rather pleased with the results.....I'm torn between the ReefCrystals and Tropic Marin though.......I've heard issues in regards to the Tropic Marin Pro lately and waiting to see the outcome......I've heard that Hawaiin Tropic has really good readings than the other salts.......