White Ribbon Eel (Ghost Eel) Pics & Video


I have one of those too an excellent addition to the aquaium. Mine was eating good at first then got in a fight with my SFE and after that I could not get him to eat anything but feeders for months. Now I finally starved himk back to frozen. Not too aggresive but I agree I would watch out for slower smaller fish, sometimes mine tries to get fish but they are too fast and he is blind as a bat.


One year update!
Date: 04/07/09 (I've had him for over 13 months now!)
My eel is doing great. I upgraded my tank from 24 to 34 gallons so he is a little happier :). Here are a few things for people interested in getting one:
1. 100% reef safe with one exception: It will chase any small, slow moving fish and possible eat it especially when he is hungry. He doesn't bother shrimps, snails, or crabs.
2. Food - I feed mine only with silversides now. 1-2 times a week (usually once).
3. Tank size - just like it is with almost everything the bigger the better :) He does not move a lot so I believe that any tank from 24g and up will do.
4. Compatibility - I keep mine with 2 clowns, 6 line wrasse, Lawnmower blenny (1 month - so far the eel left him alone), and tiny cowfish (he swims in the upper water column).
Did I forget anything? PM me or reply to this post if you have any questions.
Thanks and Happy Reefing!