Who are you (member photo thread)


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Alright folks, in the interest in stimulating conversation, and for entertainment purposes. I'm starting this thread. I know most of up have already seen photos of each other. But post up. And if you don't want to, let us know a little about yourself. Like who knew cranberry was a girl (jk)....
(the usual disclamer applies) don't do anything not PG rated, no virtual catcalling, or harrassment...) or I'll smash you.


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Sadly the only picture I have access to of me is this 2005 photo I posted here. I was showing someone how tall my tank was and using me as a reference since I am 6 foot. The tank no longer looks like it does in the picture and I have a lot more grey hair!


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I feel like we've done this before....a lot.
My wife and I last year:
Edit: I can't seem to get a normal sized pic...trying once more.

darthtang aw

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No current pictures. But everyone says I look exactly like this guy. Lets see who knows ho he is...lol...except add about 6 inches to the hair.

Darth (no nail polish) Tang


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Originally Posted by Darthtang AW
Lets see who knows ho he is...lol...except add about 6 inches to the hair.

well, properties say this pic came from theaudioperv.com and is named "Brent Smith", so I will guess this is a pic of Brent Smith.
<edit> Google confirms this is a pic of the lead vocalist of the band Shinedown.
ok, so I cheated


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Hey Crypt, Who's the guy standing next to you in that top picture?

Now I see how you can handle all them bigazz snakes. You a stone mason or something?