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    Need Help... My fish are dying

    None of these will kill ich. You need to do a proper treatment Of all fish in A qt tank Then let your tank sir fishless (fallow) for 72 days to allow the ich to die off. sea horses need to be kept in a low temp species only tank. They can’t compete for food max on damsel, none would be best...
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    need some help

    It is well known that salinity at 1.020 won’t get rid of ich. It may suppress it but it won’t kill it. increasing the temp will speed the life cycle slightly but it won’t kill ich. The temp necessary to kill ich is very high and will kill everything else. Keep in mind, ich is present in the...
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    need some help

    Definitely looks like ich. Unfortunately your tank is now infected. You need to remove the all fish (I assume you just have the clowns) and treat them. You need to keep your tank fishless for 72 days to allow the ich to die off.
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    What is this? Help, please

    Flat worms I think
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    Green brittle starfish

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    Green brittle starfish

    They have all managed to find their way out of tanks that were, I thought sealed.
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    I think my anemone is dead

    You need a very intense light to keep an anemone. It is very likely what you have is not adequate. it is possible the foot was torn when you bought it which is pretty much a death sentence. If you think it is dying, and based on the pick I’d agree, remove it. It will pollute your tank and...
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    I think my anemone is dead

    It doesn't look good. I can’t be sure But based on only the one pic I’d say it is heading that way. If you answer the questions below it will be easier to help. What kind of lights do you have? What are your water parameters? How long have you had it? Slow decline or fast decline?
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    Green brittle starfish

    I’ve had several snow flake morays. I never had any problems with them until inevitably the managed to escape.
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    Curing dry rock

    You don’t cure with bleach. The purpose of curing is to grow bacteria on the rock. You can clean the rock with bleach then cure it. As to whether the coral will stay attached if you bleach the rock, probably.
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    Randomly dying fish

    Was the sick Pygmy angel in the tank? In what way was he sick?
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    Looking for help with my water

    It takes a long time. You can use a filter sock so the outflow of your filter goes through it to clear the water. It works pretty good. Just don’t leave it there, clean in DI water and dry until you need it again.
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    Petsmart Return/Exchange Policy?

    16 years old, LOL
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    Feeding Lionfish,

    Lion fish are amazing eating.
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    Keeping Foxface Rabbitfish together?!

    Always Buy fish for the tank you have not the one you want. get The larger fish when you are set up to deal with them. Keep in mind tank mates. Anything smaller than the lions mouth will get eaten. Lions have very large mouths.