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    Tank size question

    There are a lot of choices for a tank that is 48inches long. It is such a nice size. But, you need to remember that you would be increasing the weight that you would be placing in a much smaller area. You need to be sure that the floor in that area can handle that much more weight. I promise...
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    Pygmy Cherub Angel

    I've had mine for over 4 years. She is so fun, and yes they are a tease. Mine will swim up the front of the tank, and just make faces at me, but if I try to take her picture, she is gone. Now I had her in my tank with an ebidi angle for the longest time. Over 3 years, they got along so...
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    Help with tank weight!

    Just to let you know It can be done. I have a 180 gallon tank with a 75 gallon sump. I live on the third floor apartment. Tank has been up and running for around 8 months. No signs of stress yet. The one thing you have going for you, is that apartment buildings unlike family homes have...
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    What kind of lighting to get, HELP!

    It would help if you could give us the size of the tank. width, length, depth. I can't just say get a 175watt Metal Halide if your tank turns out to be 30 inches deep. So I can give you a little basic knowledge. A MH normally covers a 2x2 foot area. The wattage of the light depends on how deep...
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    Mh Lighting Help

    On a standard 75 gallon you could go with 2x175 or 2x250. It greatly depends on what you want to keep. If you think you will eventually go towards SPS then go for the 2x250's. As far as which "K" factor to get, you stated that you are going to use VHO's for actinic lighting, If that is the...
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    is there a limit (max) on how many starfish in a 90g fowlr?

    I am not a starfish brain, But I would say with the two you have now you are pushing it. Starfish for the most part have a very strict and finicky diet. And even though your tank has been up for a year, It is still only a 90 gallon. I would think that the one starfish would deplete that...
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    Do you account for displacement for water change?

    Sorry, Earlybird I didn't mean to steal your thread. I just wanted to explain that sometimes you will need to add something to your tank, like it or not. You will need to account for the water displasment then.
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    Do you account for displacement for water change?

    I used to use Oceanic, but it gave me a very high phosphate problem, You couldn't give me oceanic now. Now I use a mix of Instant and Coral life. I just have a lot of corals in my tank that uses the calcium and alk. A lot of SPS, I found that since mixing the two. I am able to keep the...
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    What a mess

    One way to see if your powerhead are getting the bottom good enough, is to watch the food when you feed your fish. Check to make sure that the food never lands on the bottom of the tank. If it does, then try to lower it just a hair, How I have mine probly wont help you much, I have a full...
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    Do you account for displacement for water change?

    I wish I didn't need to add for alk, but if I don't my alk/kh stays below 3.6 KH. My tank sucks it up like crazy. Trying to replace just by doing waterchanges just wasn't working. Sometimes you have to add. I don't advocate adding blindly, or adding because anyone else does, or you think...
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    Do you account for displacement for water change?

    Well, I don't know if there is a way to calculate it. I guess you count gallons on a smaller tank. I can guarentee you I would have lost count trying that on my 180. On the larger tanks I guess we just have to take a good guess. and in time you can narrow it down a bit.
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    What a mess

    To tell you the truth. If you are very careful, and do not disturb the sand bed you should be ok. But the truth is, Water flow is your best friend. I don't ever even see fishy, or snail poo on my sand, ever. The water flow takes care of it before I have to deal with it. But the biggest...
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    Do you account for displacement for water change?

    You want to account for displacement when figuring how much calcium or buffers, alk, or stuff like that. If you don't remember to account for the displacement it could be disastrous. But for waterchanges, it wont hurt anything.
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    What a mess

    You should never vacuum the sand. Have one of your powerhead blow so it blows across the sand, you don't want your sand to be blown around, but you want the waterflow to pick up unsightly messes and push it up in the water column. Then it can pulled out in the filters.
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    The Dream Tank!

    You do not want an "air bubbler" in a saltwater tank. Air bubbles can kill saltwater fish. Well the thing with the sunken ship is this, You will have to find one that has absolutly no metal on/or in it. None. It can not contain any wood, It can be plastic but can not be painted. So this...