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    I'm back...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Beth It has been ages! Good to see you. Hope you plan to visit more often. My favorite shark.....I'll probably hang out a lil more now.....
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    I'm back...

    Quote: Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 Welcome back. TY
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    I'm back...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Flower Hi, You did a good job, I can never get my fish to hold still long enough to take a picture. Well...they weren't exactly holdin' lens helps.
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    I'm back...

    ...its been a long while since I've posted here. This is a image I made from a photo I took.....
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    TOTM October Picture Submissions

    VN reef...I normally don't go for the dark sand...but thats sweet!!!
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    1,981,290 Gallons??!!

    very kewl....
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    NEW! poisonous??

    ...a good rule of thumb is if you don't know the risks/requirements/diet of a species don't add it to your tank. Nudibranchs can be difficult to keep...most have specific diets...and they can pollute the system if stressed or if they perish.
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    Floating slimy stuff all over water

    Cirulation to break the surface combined with a skimmer that will remove the source of the film would probably help with the algae problem.
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    howdy y'all

    Good to know folks remember me...I've been browsing the forums and see that not much has changed. Some new names but a lot of the old regulars are still around. Lifes been has become a business...I hope to open a studio within a few years and retire from my day job. I am...
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    Finally got my cheap P&S camera back...

    Very nice & healthy lookin' specimans! All the creature look to be in good the photos are very nice.
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    howdy y'all

    I wanted to poke myself thru the cyber portals and say hello! I once was a regular around here until life created detours and complications. Still chuggin' along...still got hobbies to keep me busy and outta trouble. Sadly my reef was a complete loss but I am on the verge of re-cycling it. When...
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    Angel Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Maybe one more.... bet y'all thought I ws gone huh?
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    Angel Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I have a couple...
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    Say hello to the next star running back at University of Michigan!!

    decent looking running back for sure....but the "music" really stinks!!!!!
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    photo editing

    Yup...sometimes a little editing in the digital darkroom makes a big difference in the finished product. I use Photoshop elements 5.0 most of the time.