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    Metal Halide vs. T5 vs. PC vs. LED

    I say metal halide because they are really bright and can do anything...even bake cookies
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    Guys, its time to put a stop to this lameball, hes ruining our community, i think they should add on a report button, also on other forums ive seen theres a like and a dislike button and if a post got too many duslikes it was automaticaly deleated
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    my sad tank story :(

    hey guys.... some of you may remember my 24g aquapod reef setup. well in the last few moths i have moved to Colorado and my tank was in virginia with my dad. unfortinitly, $500 worth of aqutic life down the toilet. I have lost a large pair of mated maroon clows, large colt coral, large bubble...
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    Does anybody have this light setup

    In my expierence i have a smaller sunpod on my 24g aquapod and the electric bill has gone up a little. Just in my expirence.
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    Got some stuff at my LFS

    So today i went to the fish store and purchased a good sized colt coral and a good size bubble coral. And when i was there they had beleive it or not, a near pure white clownfish for $700
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    Hyper agressive Clown

    I have the same problem. Mine are a mated pair of maroon clowns and they bight my hand alot and tail wip. I bought some really long clamps so i dont have to put my hand in the water
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    Im tired of these cheap MH bulbs!

    That is wierd. The first low price bulb i boght came in a yellow package envelope in a plastic cover. no box. BUt it seems to be still bright after 3 months. I guess I just got a bad builb but its too late now because I already orderd one from Pheonix.
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    Is this over kill?

    I was wondering if I can put a 250w MH bulb over my 24g aquapod? The only corals i have in there is an anenome.
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    Im tired of these cheap MH bulbs!

    Plusrite is the compony on the box.
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    Im tired of these cheap MH bulbs!

    A while back I got an amazing deal on a 15k 150w MH bulb for $15. I got it and it worked fine and it seemed like it was 6k. But i delt with it and then i got an algae growth. so i got a 20k 150w MH bulb for $20 and guess what? it started dimming after a month i got it. soo dim i could see the...
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    Moving 1600 miles with reef tank

    Hey guys, i am moving to Colorado in June and the distance from where i live now to colorado is 1600 miles. Is there a way to move my 24g aquapod that far? or should i just sell the live stock and start fresh in colorado? my stock list is: 2 Maroon Clownfish (mated) Pink Tip Anenome Cleanup Crew...
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    24g aquapod Before & After (6 months)

    Sorry guys im internet is being too slow for more pics but i will bump this as soon as i can
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    24g aquapod Before & After (6 months)

    i know i have aiptasia and i just orderd Joes Juice. My tank has alot less stalk now cuz i just had a horible hair algae bloom. I also got a new aquascape. Before
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    Anenome concern

    I have a pink tip haitin anenome that i got tuesday. My clowns where hosting iy in a madder of hours and every thing seemed happy. Then it got really small today and i noticed a crab on its foot. I dont know if the carb is doing anything or not. Is it? And since itc foot was in a crevis and...