1. M

    New Here!

    Greetings all! New to the hobby and super excited. Done a lot of research but with that comes doubt on something could be done better or different according to someone else, this forum seems well informed so i'll give it a shot! I have a 60 gallon tank that I am currently working on getting...
  2. O

    Need help with Octopus start up.

    My favorite animal is by far the Octopus. I have always been so amazed by them, and have wanted one as a pet ever since I knew it was a possibility. I know they are hard to keep, and can be testy to say the least. But I have plenty of animal care experience, including salt water tanks. I...
  3. PaigeB

    Biocube 14gl General Questions

    Hi, I've had a freshwater tank for awhile that has been going well and I was recently given a used 14gl Biocube SW tank that had been established for years. Most of the water has been drained but the sand and some rocks have been left in. I'm new to SW tanks and I have a few questions. 1. Do...
  4. R

    Help! Mixed up my dosage.

    i have a 29 gallon tank with all dry rock and live sand. I just started it's cycle yesterday and began using Red Sea's Mature Pro Kit. I feel completely stupid but I accidentally added 2 times the amount of bacto start I should have added. I added 20 ml instead of 10 ml. I dosed the other...
  5. fishlover0815

    Sponge filters

    i thought a sponge filter is a circular sponge with a small airdrome in the middle of it, is that wrong? If not can I just put my cycled tank water in my QT tank? Like half new half cycled?
  6. P

    Advise on cycling?

    Hello all. I just joined this forum as I am restarting my FOWLR 75 gallon. I set up my tank 8 years ago as a birthday present for my wife. I had great results with it but let it go to hell within a year of my wife passing away 3 months after I set it up for her. My last clown recently died and I...