48 hour cycle magic?


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yes, but we are talking about an "instant" cycle, which we have decided doesn't truely exist.


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I agree with maxalmon.I went to my lfs a little over a month ago and got 150lbs of cured liverock to start my 150g folw tank.I actually was going to get about 50lbs of uncured and add more and more in time but the owner wasnt there and his son sold me cured liverock for $3 a pound(awesome!!!!)so i was like give me 150lbs instead of 50.The next day i was like i might as well get 75 more since it was a great deal.The owner was there and still was arguing with his son about selling cured liverock for $3.He explained to me that his son sold me cured liverock and that he bet my tank have cycled already(1 day)I get home and sure enough the nitrates were sky high and by the next evenig everything was looking fine.I still gave it a month to be extra sure,im a newbe.I actually put my first couple of damsels in about 3 days ago.And my Queen trigger should be here friday but everything looks good.So basically what im sayn is if you got the money and want to rush your cycle,i KNOW first hand that this will work.


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Originally Posted by camfish
yes, but we are talking about an "instant" cycle, which we have decided doesn't truely exist.
I would agree that an instant cycle doesn't exist, but you can setup a thriving tank in 1-2 days with no cycle as long as you follow some simple guidlines using a basic understanding of how to prevent a cycle.
I've moved many tanks over the last few years and as long as you use ENOUGH CURED LR you can start a new tank with no cycle. My 215 that I started a while back started out as a new tank, then I added several hundred pounds of cured LR on day 2 and then added corals and fish on day 3with no spikes in levels. Its all about "surface area" for the bacteria to live on, not water volume.....case in point is when Steve Weast upgraded his tank
I've also setup many nano tanks in 1 day using only a single bag of aragalive sand and 20-30lbs of cured LR and the tanks never experienced a cycle even when fish were added on day 2. Granted there is some prep work like mixing the saltwater for 24-36 hours, getting the temp to 80, correct pH etc...


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I should add that when I setup an instant tank, I use a raw shrimp after day 3 to spike the levels to simply ensure a cycle, I don't always do this, more of a way to teach a newbie a lesson on the cycle process and how to test and document water perameters, once they see the spike and understand what happened, then they can add livestock


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Yeast is quite different then a 48 hour magic cycle. Yeast is short lived once it is exposed to air. It has to mix with a sugar then ferment.
This product is suggesting that it contains bacteria that will contribute to the nitrogen cycle. A process that keeps on going. Much as "live" sand that is dry in a bag claims to. Add a bag of that to a tank and toss a fish in. Tell me that the tank does not cycle.
They make live sand that is dry? hahahaha
I got the caribsea sand and live rock. My caribsea sand was sold as live, it was WET, had water in bottom of bag after wet sand was empty. Was told dump water in that has lots in there. Like yeast, even though it needs sugar its still alive. So many types of bacteria on this planet. I doubt all is dead, and what does it eat? Well stuff in the sand and bacteria/orginisms that will die are food. Shelf life on a good wet sand I think rates how long till food is gone. Sand from ocean has so much in it. Brand sand should say how long its ok for, buy it new. 55g is going fast I think it was ok. (amonia went up, then lowered, nitrite went up then low, nitrate went up and amonia and nitrite are near 0) Nitrate still falling.
Sand bag should be wet, lift it and see if water settles in bag.
Just my thoughts atleast.