500 gal reef converted to 850gal reef


That is without a doubt the most incredible thing I've ever seen! Kick ass! Sorry, really nice!
My wife would have a caniption fit if I even suggested cutting a hole in the wall for the tank! :) Unbelieveable. Truly.


I still need at least another month to finish the site. The text is finished as well as the overall look of the site...but, the photography hasn't begun yet...as I'm still waiting for the new camera equipment to arrive.


Dude you are crazy! I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how i want to set up my new 300 gal. That is the coolest and most realistic reef i've seen outside of comerical aquariums. Awesome job!!!

Please respect the natural environment that makes this hobby possible. Be responsible and be informed. Support aquacultured/tank raised species.


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It's like waiting for Christmas morning! How's it coming, Steve? Is Santa Steve going to bring a little something for all of us good boys and girls?

Christmas in July....it's a beautiful thing!!!


the website is just awaiting the photography....and I'm awaiting for the new camera stuff to arrive. It has shipped and should be here within the next few days....Canon 10D...180MM macro lenses...L-series wide angle lenses...extention tubes...etc. I'm sure that the site will debut this month.


PLEASE be sure to post the address, Mr. Weast. I think the Mods will forgive you for it.
Can't wait!


I can't wait for the web site. Thank you for all the info you have provided in the past. It has help in my reefing success.:) :)


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All I can say is Holy $h!t. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!! How lucky you are to be able to come home and sit in front of that beautiful tank. All those corals, and the placement :eek: . I can't even imagine the work tat you put into that. What a wonderful tank, How many fish and coral do you have in there??? The hood for the tank
. WHOA!!!!

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OMG ....that is the most beautiful tank i have ever seen!!! Very nice...
Think about it.. I could stand in that tank on my feet and i would drown!!!!!! Its 7 feet TALL!!!!!
Thats what I call a Aquarium Tank!!!
Good job Steve :jumping: :happy: :happy:


Not quite.....in the aquarium trade, width is from side to side...height is from top to bottom....and depth is from front to back. The tank is 30" in height.....so, unless you're real short, I think you would be OK.
W X H X D...my tank is 72 X 30 X 90

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Steve...alwaysa pleasure to see you stop by. I am curious about the progress on your web site...anything to report yet?


the website is finished....it just needs the photos. I have all the new camera equipment and should complete the photo taking next week. This Sunday my house is the venue for the local reef club BBQ (about 50 -60 folks)...so, I'm busy trying not to embarrass myself. The website should launch by the end of the month.