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I think McCain will be on that ballot somewhere...

That would be nice :yes:


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Just please, folks, please don't vote for Jeb! PLEASE!

So I am assuming you are in Fla. You don't strike me as a garden variety party line Democrat based on your other posts so what is it about JB you don't like? He seems to be pretty popular down there, except for the partisans. I really don't see him ever being president considering his daddy and bro beat him to it.



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condork, there in lies the answer.... frickin aye man. hahahaha, youre a moron.

hey man im just stating my opinion thats really unneccisary on your part. i hope your proud of yourself.


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Just please, folks, please don't vote for Jeb! PLEASE!

I think Powell made a statement several years ago about his running for Pres. He pretty much shot it down due in part to his wife's past histroy of mental illness. I don't think anything horrific was implied, just that he would not want his family to endure the stress of it all.
I still like the cheesecake idea :D



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neoreef, if you could point me to the quote where Bush said he was sent by God to do anything, I'd love to see it. War is a necessary evil sometimes.

I was recently reminded of where I got the notion. A Frontline show on public television in late April 2004 showed a friend/colleague of Bush's saying that George W told him that GWB thought God wanted him to be president. This was a show about the evangelical background and motivation of George W.
I am not against faith per se, but it should not be used to justify evil. Killing people is evil by George's lights in abortion and stem cell research, but it is necessary (george thinks) to put our youth in harm's way to serve him? Perhaps some wars are necessary, but this one wasn't.
If we are worried about threats to our country, why didn't we invade North Korea? They have weapons of mass destruction, they hate us and they brutalize their population. Same as what we thought of Iraq....


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blah blah blah blah blah Kerry sucks blah blah blah blah blah blah Kerry sucks he need to go home and help his wife make ketchup or something



I was actually half especting bush to get shot while he was walking on the street...it woulda been so easy, and he made his wife walk that distance in HEALS! Yikes, wat a husband, lol


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actually i beg to differ... easy... heraps with a long range sniper rifle from a mile and a half away.. . . but even that has it's obstacles....


George Bush is a retard
there are kids in first grade who could run a country better than this clown!
you have to be kidding me


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i take it you are a kerry fan? just because you dont like bush, there is no reason to insult him and call him names like "the kids in first grade". he is still our country's leader. you did not have to read this thread and bring more negativity and name calling. anyways, its OVER. the election is over! GET OVER IT AND STOP BUMPING THIS THREAD UP TO GET MORE PEOPLE TO ARGUE WITH! LET IT GO


sorry to harbor negativity but do you have anyone in your family fighting in the war or any of your friends? why loose people to a war fought for the greed of the wealthy oil man? Did they find the weapons of mass distruction? NOPE
i believe last week on the news they said the search was over
you know why?
George senior must be proud that his little boy followed in his footsteps


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once again...ITS OVER LET IT GO. yes i do have family and friends over there. yes oil does play a part of it but thats not completely it. i mean, would you want one of the worlds largest supplies of oil in the hands of "hitler jr"? but we also went over there to free the people. and so what if they didnt have the weapons. they made a threat and we responded. we still found saddam and helped the people suffering out.


its pointless to talk politics
people have diffrent views
diffrent beliefs
i dont care
at all
this is going nowhere
keep the blindfold on
i could care less


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lol you ar right, we are never going to agree. i guess thats why there are democrats and republicans, etc. lets juist drop it


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Dear SWF.com Posters,
I was started on November 3rd.
77 days later I am still a catalyst for fruitless fighting and personal debate, bordering on personal attack.
Please let me die.
This Thread


bang guy


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thats exactly what i have been saying

It's your thread, why don't you just close it?