ChronicCoral35's 28G JBJ DIARY



just got back from florida? hope you had fun with fay or faye or whatever its called.... lol


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looking good Bro
I like the zoa garden , I have a nice one going. Also have abig ric rock that I am going to movr to a better spot b/c its over growing the rock they are on
My pepp shrimp are fully grown and the clam was so small they kept nibbling at it. I put it in a friends tank, if I buy another I have to buy it big lol


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I missed that u posted pics yesterday! The tank looks really good! The zoa garden rocks. U didnt get a pic of the halloween zoas?
Great job so far. Keep felling it up!!!!


Looks great so far! I just got a 28 jbj and I don't know if I should keep the ceramic rings and all or go with the lr rubble. How are your nitrates and nitrites now? How about the calcium?
I use Nitrate Sponge, I never have any nitrates calcium stays between 440-460 sometimes 500 but never more. I'll have the pics of halloween polyps up once I remember to over my g/f's >_<! lol I put the shrooms up top and polyps infront of zoo garden...they look nice so far.