Coral Keepers 180 gallon reef diary.

coral keeper

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Here is my filtration. The tank is a 180 gallon with a 55 gallon fuge making a total volume of 235 gallons. I have 300 lb of live rock total in the system and will add 30 more lb of live rock soon making it a total of 330 lb. I'm also going to have 1.5-2 inches of sand in the DT which makes 54-73 lb of sand and 1/2 of the 55 gallon is going to be full of chaeto.


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Originally Posted by Coral Keeper
I'm going to use about 100-130 lb of rock total. Not sure how much base, but probably going to be mainly live rock hopefully. I'm going to get 90 lb of dry sand and 30 lb of live sand from my 28 gallon making it a total of 120 lb of sand which makes 2 inches. The dry sand that I'm going to get is grey/white in color but looks very nice and natural IMO.


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Originally Posted by Coral Keeper
Thanks! Yup, this is my first tang. What do you mean? Its in the 180 right now...
I thought so, I was just making sure...because I thought you were going to add what you have already before you got new stuff. Very cool!!!

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How would adding LIVE sand cause a cycle? Haha. You people with the term "Cycle". The only way that would happen is if the sand was full of hydrogen solfide and waste. That is why he would just rinse it in a 5g bucket with sw.
CK, Make sure you leave the lights off for a few weeks when you add the sand, Cause there will be no bacteria on it and you will get a massive alage bloom.