Favorite fish...to eat


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Parrot fish actually tastes pretty good. One one of my recent trips, we got the chance to taste a meal that had parrot fish as the fish of the day. It was delicious. mmmm i can still taste the coconut flavor.


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Trigger fish is ALSO a fantastic Japanese delicasi, Its called KAWAHAGI, and they dry it and cut it into strips and serve it with a spice sauce.. really really good but hard to find, AND i have no clue which kind of Trigger they use.


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Originally Posted by MiaHeatLvr
All fresh water fish INCLUDING trout are just to loaded with bones for me to sift through.. especially blue gills and perch..

I agree and didn't want to say anything but I don't see how freshwater fish gets grouped into "sea" food.


This is a cruel thread. Ever since I moved out of Florida I haven't been able to find good fish. I loved catching grouper, snapper, sailor's choice (a little bony but very tasty), and blues. You people are SOOOOOOOO cruel. My mouth is watering with no way to fix it.
I also liked catching fresh steamer clams. Put them in the fridge in a shallow container with a little cornmeal to flush em out. Next day pop em on the grill and EAT!
Of course this is all pre-pollution days. I hear (Family still lives in Melbourne) that all our favorite spots are now too polluted to eat the fish.


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Tang... Angel... whatever I've killed most recently.
You have to pull them out before the hermit crabs get to them though, they always go after the most tender parts first. And if it's tang, be sure to remove the scalpel bone, it can make your gums bleed.
Seriously... I don't eat any seafood. I like to joke to people saying "Even though I don't eat seafood, I've probably spent more on it by now then you will in your entire life."


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For fish, Blacken'd Mahi Mahi or grouper. Other favorites are Shrimp cooked any way, Steamed lobster tail, calimari rings (not the legs) and clam strips.


Yellowfin tuna pan seared and sliced thin with garlic, crushed peppercorn, teriaki, and a splash of saki.
Swordfish is great too.


really any fish i like but my favorite is mahi mahi and i absoulutely love calamari. If anyone goes to maui and you love fish you must go the Momma Fish House. AWESOME fresh fish but VERY pricey


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Well since i live inland and i fish alot we always eat a small portion of what we catch and i LOVE smallmouth bass and rainbow trout !!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT yummy


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Originally Posted by autofreak44
Alaskan Halibut
mix soy sauce and brown sugar thick (ghetto teriyaki), drizzle on, sprinkle a little brown sugar on, and cook at 300 until just right... if you want, kick the heat up at the end to crisp the ghetto teriyaki... unbeatable, period.

mmm, gunna have to try that, I love halibut, especially beer-battered ....or fresh pickerel in shore-lunch.... or my mom's fatty salmon (not the official name, just what I call it because it's baked with mayo and casear dressing, SO good!)

(pickerel = walleye, not pike, where I'm from)