Favorite Uncommon Fish


Alright what is your favorite uncommon fish? Fish that people don't usually have in there tanks. Add pictures if you can.
Mine is my Tomini Tang.


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Aww...look at the cleaner wrasse. FALSE!
This is a sabertooth blenny. These buggers infest cleaner wrasse "stations" and when disease-ridden fish allow the "wrasse" to eat their parasites, the sabertooth blenny takes a nice, hardy, fleshy bite of the fish instead. Then it darts away, hides, and waits for its next victim.
Btw, this thread has a lot of potential. It was a great idea.


Mine is my Stingray...uncommon cause not a lot of people have them
ALtho in about 2 weeks...I will no longer have her

i am taking her to the Aquarium in Jenks OK...where she can be with other rays in a much much more appropriate tank
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Mine has to be the Coral Banded Shark. Here is a pic of the one I had in my 75 gallon tank from birth til about 6 months. He was a real pain to get eating properly though. Fed him with an eye dropper for about 2 months! (He currently resides in a freinds 250 gallon tank and has grown about 500%!)

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Well, I don't have one yet! But maybe Cranberry will post her ghoul stingfish! That's the coolest fish ever!!


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not exactly "uncommon" but it is a fish that you don't see in too many aquariums, and from what I have been told they are somewhat difficult to get eating prepared foods, which this big guy definitely does. My 5-6" flagfin angel.
FYI...the first picture was taken before cleaning the glass...sorry for the calcium marks on the tank
the second picture was taken during feeding time so there are some "floaters" that you can see in the water.



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i used to have a tassle filefish he was pretty wild looking and made clicking noises.first i thought i had a mantis.

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That's a beaut! What is it?? Also, will you post a pic of the ghoul stingfish for me?? That's my fave!!