heres a change post pics of ur dogs!

yellow ace

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Heres my buddies
Mugsy- Pug
Sammy- Boston Terrier
Kamryn- Daughter've got a pug too! I love pugs! so fat and lazy... ***)


Cool! What kind is that? Is its tail supposed to be like that, or is that regrowth/regeneration or something? Forgive my lizard ignorance!
I like chameleons (sp?) with their funky eyes... but you hafta feed them BUGS, and I only like the bugs in my tanks! :joy:


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I have two rescues: below is a picture of Travis my almost 4 yr old black lab. I will have to see if I can come up with a picture of Andy, my super neuotic camera phobic border collie mut.



For a second I thought you meant the lobsters when you said you had two rescues! LOL! :hilarious :hilarious


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Oh my gosh!!! Andy's gorgeous!!
Lisa :happyfish
Well, thank you!! I'm modest...I think I'm good looking, but if you say I'm gorgeous, than I must humbly accept your compliments.

Here's my 8 yr. old Choc. Lab, Chewy...weighing in at a measly 110lb...he's a lap dog.


My white mini schnauzer, Jet.

Girlfriend's Bichon, Rosie. I guess we just have a thing for white dogs.