heres a change post pics of ur dogs!


well i finally get to post them my babies brutus and bronx brutus is the english and bronx is the french




Two of my dogs Rhino- a Shitzu Pomer mix.. and my teacup chihuahua Lola shes 2.9 lbs and just turned one today! Feb 17th!

My other dog Abby my german shepherd with Lola the brown one again and her sister Lexi the white one (my grandmas chihuahua)
I also have a beagle lab mix named Sage and a shelty named max but I dont have pics of them on my computer :-(
Here is my cat Teets not quite a dog but she keeps up w/ all the dogs in the house shes right in the mess running around playing :)


The Lab Mutt... although looking at the pictures in this forum I'de say he has some Mastif, the shiz zu and the Cocker Shiz mix.
Not quite sure who was the dog in the other picture



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Every time I get on to this thread, I'm guaranteed a good belly laugh!! What fun!! :hilarious Dogs are just the best.
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Well, thank you!! I'm modest...I think I'm good looking, but if you say I'm gorgeous, than I must humbly accept your compliments.


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I Promised a while ago pics of the danes!

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My pitbull Amber!!
She looks just like my dayze may . well minus the toe nails of course.