Kids say the funniest stuff...


along time ago...and my grammas funeral when my oldest son was about four years old.
It was time for the service..just as soon as it got quiet and you could hear a pin son in his loudest normal voice
...u know how you react in stressful situations...the first thought in my mind was seeing that coffin shoot out of the room like a rocket heading for the heavens..I started laughing, the more I tried to stop, the harder it was.. and couldnt stop...everyone around us was laughing but not out loud, just the kind of jolly, trying to keep it inside laughing..that makes them jiggle like jello, brother was sitting in the row behind me. He is very SOBER and doesnt find the situation amusing AT ALL..(He has no kids!lmao) ...and he was kickin the back of my chair...whispering "SHUT UP!" ..and his wife, who confessed later, that she got a mental picture of the coffin hovering up and floating out the back door...was laughing too... to say the least, we had to ALL step outside to gather our wits.


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thats hysterical!! Reminded me of the Mary tyler Moore show when Chuckles the clown died. Did you see that one? Mary was hysterically laughing. Hey.....laughing and crying are pretty close in my book.

Sometimes laughing good at times like that. My mother in law hated crying and sadness, she always rejoiced in peoples lives. Of course she would be sad at the loss, but felt
fortunate to know that person. ANYWAY.....when she passed away suddenly we were all broken up of course. The church was packed, very very sad. As the priest was reminding us of her spirit the fire alarms went off. 3 firehouses showed up. Guess what, no fire...........but we all started laughing... :thinking:


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Salty that is too funny, and I am sure it was uncomrortable...
Reminds me of a flying story of a different sort...
My son and I were headed back to visit my sis, he was 2 1/2 and it was his first time flying... he was really into "Toy Story" as we took off, without any coaching at all, he raised his arms and shouted "TOOO INFINATY AND BEYOND"... (it sounded more like to infy an beyon) I busted a gut and the lady sitting next to us did as well and said "that was one of the cutest things I have ever heard...


lol, ru, that's so cute!!! i want kids just so i can talk about the funny things they say... and of course to dress them up!!!
and salty...


Last night I was at a Southern Living home party (whooo whoo) it's like tupperware only expensive! One of the ladies had a little boy there he was almost three. After eating a piece of cake, some ice cream, and a glass of coke, he asked his mom if he could have some candy that was in a dish. She said, "NO you had enough sugar for tonight" he walked over to me and asked ME if he could have some candy, I said "didn't your mommy say NO?" he said, " Uh HuH, but I say YES i need more sugar tonight"

Very Funny!


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OK, I hate to dig up an old thread but I had to tell someone these.
Yesterday, my 18 month old was playing with the pots and pans, dragging them through out the house, his regular routine of making a general disaster of the house. So he brings out my biggest pot, climbs inside of it, and tells me "Hot Baby".

Then my 6 year old comes home from school and he is so excited to tell me about his day. So he tells me that they learned about George Washington today. So when I asked him what he learned, he says "Well, I know how he died. He was chopping down a cherry tree and it fell on him. Mom, do you think we could have George www Bush (and yes thats how he says it) start chopping down trees so we can get a new president?"
My gut hurt so bad from laughing at the 2 of them.