Leather won't attach.


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I fragged 3 pieces off a large toadstool. It's been a week and they still haven't attached to anything. I have them in tupperware in low flow area. tupperware has crushed coral and small pieces of rock. The leathers are still alive, just not attaching. How long does this way usually take, or should I be doing something different?


When I fragged my leather tree......I took toothpics and inserted one end in the leather.....and epoxied the other onto a rock (or a clam shell) eventually they grew together

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That's a great idea! I like it :)
I have always cut a slit into the softie, inserted a flat rock into the slit, and then waited until it attached to the rock before fragging.


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I usually just use a rubber band to gently strap the frag to the rock I want tit attached to. usually its attached in about a week or two enough to remove the rubber band.


I use a sewing needle and fishing line. First thread the line into the needle. Next push the needle through the Leather. Then tie the fishing line around the rock that you want the Leather on. Lastly, after the leather has attached ( a few weeks), cut the line and pull it out of the Leather. The only difficult part of this is getting the needle through the Leather since they can be slippery sometimes.