Lets see those tanks!



Hey we got another crazy bow fronter here! I thought i was the only one with 72 bow front lol.
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Here's my 110g tank. The top two pictures were taken tonight:

This side shot was taken a few weeks ago, but not much has changed between then and now:


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Nova, I LOVE your tank. You already knew that, but I like saying it.
Thank you! You know what a labor of love these tanks are. It's not an easy hobby, but the benefits are enormous to me. Go look at my build thread...I just found an old video from 2010, and I posted it and a NEW video from this week. I think it's page 69 of the thread now!


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That's a beautiful 90 you have there!
Thanks! It's my first attempt at a tank larger than 55. I am amazed at the rock work displayed in your tank as with so many others I've seen posted. If I expand in the future I will definitely try a different approach than just a rock wall!


Im fairly new here and I am definitely a rookie. I found this thread and you guys have some amazing tanks!!! I will look to this thread as inspiration in my future work. My tank is now where near as awesome as the ones already on here but keep in mind i've only had it for about 4 months. I bought it already set up.

This is my 55g predator tank I will get my wife to take better pics for me soon. I hope to start converting it to a reef tank soon.

mr llimpid

Nice start cav414
, I see wait looks like cyno, you will need to take of that. I like that the rocks are in the middle so the fish can swim around them. Wow that is one big chocolate star.


Thank you and yes I am currently fighting a few problems lol. Feel free to offer advice I have a newbie thread I would post the link if I knew how lol


Ha I figured it out lol all are welcome :)