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I've read estimates that range from 50k to 1 million dead in Iraq and I am happy to give you sources.
What am I doing? I am taking care of my family, I am paying my taxes and being a good citizen. BTW, what are you paid in comparison to the troops who are really risking their lives? If you really believed in what you were doing you'd do it for free...I bet you make 2-3 times more then what most troops make and are rarely in harms way.
Did you read your sources Jmick? They are all over the map, contradict each other, and contradict what the US and Iraqi governments both report. In short, you saying "hundreds of thousands" is sheer speculation not based on any apparent facts. The last article you quote, in fact, has casualties %75 lower for the same period of time as the first article you quote.
The things you are doing are good; but hardly above what any law abiding American does. We all pay taxes, all should take care of family, and "be good citizens".
I get paid several times what an enlisted soldier gets paid. That said, an enlisted soldier doesn't have the resume to get the job I hold either. If you were to compare an officer's pay with similar years of experience, retirement, etc. our pay is closer. I'm still getting paid very well, but you're trying to compare apples to oranges.
You've assume I'm rarely in harm's way. Understand that's a faulty assumption. While I'm certainly not facing the danger our men and women in the service face on daily patrols, I don't live in Neverland. My residence has AK-47 holes in the roof, and the small building I work in was hit by a mortar 3 weeks before I arrived. We don't take anything for granted over here.
just to clarify im not trying to throw myself a pity party. money isnt an issue at our house, both of our families are very wealthy and set aside substantial amounts of money for us in our names. i do believe, which was my point in the first place, that the soldiers do not get paid enough for what they do. i know too many families here that barely scrape by. the really sad thing is congress has been trying to give the military a very generous raise and bush opposes it every time, yet he has no problem requesting more and more of them to go overseas. that was the original point, instead of just using funds for more weapons increase the military pay and training (they have gone soft).