NaNo-NeWb1983's 24g Nano Cube thread!!


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ones red and black and the other is orange!

from wat ive seen online! Marine Expo is coming this next weekend so i hope to get some kool just have to find somewhere to put it!

coral guy

nano great tank u have and man your duncan grows like a weed mine only got one polyp and has been here for 1 year

coral guy

order out it should be here on mon or tues hopefully i can get a new camera

coral guy

look at my other thread up in coral dont know how to upload link and the total price was 200 so everything was very cheap


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thank dude, yea tho rastas are sweet. Soooo bright and colorful
Also here a full list of all my z's and p's
1. Rastas
2. Mohawks
3. Nuke Green
4. Purple Death
5. Dragon Eyes
6. Jokers
7. Tangerines
8. Everlasting Gobstoppers
9. Captain Americas
10. Yellow Jackets
11. Whammin Watermelons
12. Eagle Eyes
13. Candy Apple Reds
14. Kedds Reds
15. Utter Chaos
16. Red Hornet
17. Blue Hornet
18. Purple Hornet
19. Happy PE
20. King Midus

coral guy

what are the orange ones what are candy apples look like and i love the zoos one day we might trade corals if i go to michigan again for vacations saw a good price for a rasta frag at my lfs in tinley and will get them if i go there again


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Pshh... neighbor =D, i want his tanks

Actually i just want the hornets, gobstoppers, and rastas, then i will be happy.