Nike's 34g DSA Neo-Nano


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Sump is complete, last equipment order made, and stand is almost done :] I will start cycling thursday

diy ftw


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great job nike! great job!

this tank is gonna be like no other! i really cant wait to see this baby done!


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after 2 weeks of labor and dealing with people who cant cut straight at home depot, my back hurts, but i am happy with the results haha


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Originally Posted by nikeSB
rballjunkie, how many lbs of live rock and live sand did you use for your setup. I'm trying to go for a minimalistic look and i dont want to clutter the tank
sorry for late reply, i dont get automailers. to answer your question, i would guess approx 20#'s. a lot of the corals are encrusted, especially the tabling acro. my coral density is due to a 125 gallon takedown, and me not wanting to part with my corals.
looking good BTW.;
i am going to start a new tank soon, and will have to build it. i am thinking of a maple veneer


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Your tank looks great!!!! thanks allot :(......
I thought I looked at EVERY tank , but NOOOOOO you came up with this beauty!
its ok , my budget is allot less. I really wanted a rimless tank like this but like I said my total budget was only 800.00 thats coral , rock set-up and all. So I never could have afforded one like this. So I will live through your thread! keep those pic's comin .....great stuff!!


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thanks man! well so far, my total on the tank is right about 700 for everything i've ordered. I used dry rock instead this time just to save money