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I grill really well!! steaks, chicken, sausage, burgers

Also really good at video games


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I am a really good swimmer. I went to state in high school. The 500 and 100 freestyle was probably my best and I really loved the 200 IM even though it is a hard race.


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Originally Posted by stdreb27
I could and would take it apart, but couldn't get it back together...
There were a lot of whooping when I went through that stage...
Cica 1969. I did as many chores as I could that summer, Did all my sister's chores. All because I was trying to talk my Dad into getting me a talking GI Joe. My Father finally got me a talking GI Joe and I was the happiest kid on the planet.
I had that thing for all of half a day before I thought I could take it apart and figure out how it worked. Needless to say, when your 6 years old you don't really work out all the details.
Ouch.....I got a lot of those.


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Troubleshooting, figuring things out, getting to the heart, the core, the real cause of a tough mechanical, electrical, structural, problem. Pulling together all my years of experience, using logic and analysis to figure out things that my bosses couldn't handle.
Actually doing the work after figuring things out? Ah, not as interesting sometimes!