post pic of your dogs!!


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Buzz, To cool, about 8 years ago I lived at 14th and locust. Played many rounds at City park and still go to the zoo quite often. Our female was just the same but she didn't tolerate other dogs AT ALL! Chazz sure is pretty but he's not the brightest light in the hall.
Can't have everything! He is the sweetest Akita I ever seen, great with the kids and not animal aggressive. Between my father and I Chazz is the 5th in the family.
Thinking of getting him a friend and Boxers are on the top of my wifes list, but with all this talk about gas I'm afraid (very afraid). :scared:
Jade is such a pretty girl, love her colors and the paint brush tail is way to cute. Does she have a full black mask? Gotta pic of her face love to see her.



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Tim you might want to check it to city ordance's . I don't know if parker is considering boxers in their viscious dog laws but a few towns aroun here are even taking boxers because they have the pit bull look to them. I know that auroras law difines dogs that show caracteristics of pitbull mix and ther discription of a pitbull is all most word for word the ukc discription of a boxer.


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Thanks mitzel, but Parker is only my mailing address. I got a decent piece of land around me so if somebody comes that I don't know they prolly be better off meeting the dogs rather than me. "Make my DAY"



Everyones dogs are great!
These are my dogs, Rudy and Echo. They are both adopted rescue dogs. Both were saved from lives of abuse and neglect. Why people get dogs and then not take care of them is beyond me, its so sad.
Echo was dumped in a wet ditch, and left there to die with parvo when she was a small took nearly 6 months for her to recover enough to be put up for adoption..when I saw her I knew she was my dog! She was adopted from INKY rottweiler Rescue in Indiana... and Rudys owner left him to roam the streets and eat garbage..the dog warden kept ticketing the owner for violation of leash laws and failure to contain him properly. The owner refused to pay the fines. Finally one day the dog warden saw him on the streets again and put him in the shelter. The owner never came for him or pay the fines to bail him out of "jail" so he was rescued by an APL. He had all the worms one can have after a life of neglect and eating trash....and no visits to the vet for shots or care.... His coat was in horrible condition..he was very unhealthy.. but as sweet as sweet can be. This dog is the loviest of any dog Ive ever seen...constantly has to be sitting right on top of ya, or touching someone in someway or another. I adopted him from the Mercer County Animal Protection League, in Ohio.
lounging is number one priority around here!

followed by snake herding and control..Three one eeek :scared:

thats my neighbors crap in the background, my yard ends where the grass is actually MOWED! LOL

and smiling for pictures :joy:



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OMG, those snakes freak me out.
What kind are they? We have an overabundance of garder snakes in the spring but nothing as huge as that.


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at my house ive got black snakes, water snake, garden snakes, and then youve got the copperheads, cotton mouths, and rattle snakes. ive only seen the copperheads though


I think they were black snakes...I know for sure, that one is kinda more brown. I think they were mating..the biggest one was brown..then there were two smaller black ones.
I didnt like em much either...they finally went away after all the barking. The dogs never did hurt them


Originally Posted by fishboy091
for boxer owners: does yours have a huge underbite? mine sure does.
HUGE underbite.
I love it


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Saltymom-I don't think I would go out in your yard without a shovel in hand.
Here's my fur babies. Belle is a golden retriever and a honey of a dog. She thinks she is a lap dog. Abby is a sheltie/american eskimo cross and the most submissive dog I have ever seen. There is nothing you tell her to do that she won't try her darndest to accomplish. I must also say they are so tolerant of my 1.5 year old, it is amazing. He uses our golden as his pillow for his naps and bedtime.



This is my dog Maggie. We adopted her from the pound as a puppy five years ago. Supposedly a beagle/ basset cross. I only see the beagle part! Excuse the horrible orange carpet, the pics were taken at my grandmother's house!



1.Behr and Older brother Rocket
2.Lil brother Barlow at 8 weeks(4 months now)
3.Behr and Barlow on Thanksgiving
4.Behr after a bath(ran thru the sprinklers and rolled in the mud)
5.Behr and I sharing a Tecate at a tourney



tasha looks like she has an attitude with Titus! Ive seen that SAME exact look between Echo and Rudy before!! She looks like "get away from my dad" and looks like "save me dad, shes about to snap"


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The Nova is a real nice pump gun I have the 870 myself but have hunted with a friend who uses the nova it is a little lighter than the 870 composite and seems to have a little smoother slide. A good gunsmith can make an 870 slide just as smooth but add the money and you get enough for the nova. also with 3 1/2 inch loads it seems to kick a little less. The moss 835 is also a very reliable pump gun
27 ,
It's nice to hear someone using a mossy auto been thinking about one myself. I just tend to get to quick on the trigger with an auto and miss more birds. I always load tungsten on my third shot so I can make that long flyaway shot at the end. seems to work. Buddies here don't know I do that. they just think I got a good long game so shshshs Nice dogs also. Just got me a black female she is only a year old and needs some work but females seem to be more eager to do that.
I just got in from a duck hunting trip in South Georgia. I didn't do real well. I saw lots of birds, but they wouldn't get close enough for a shot (I forgot to take the decoys). Some of the other guys had good luck though. About the Mossber 935, one thing I didn't mention earlier is that when you go to stick the shells up in the magazine, sometimes when you pull the slide to stick one in the chamber, one from the magizine slides too far down and you are not able to stick the 3rd shell in (then you have to eject your shells to start over) It may be something that I'm doing wrong and I might not be sticking them in there as far up the mag as I should, but it is hard to push the shells in there when you have your gloves on. Anyway, I still like the gun and it shoots good. I haven't thought about the 3rd shot being the "good stuff" Thats a good idea. I've been trying out the Remington Heavy SHot this year, but I haven't had enough ducks come at me to know if I like it. It is supposed to be really good though.
Thats great that you got a female lab. My chocolate is a female and she is the hunter. I didn't start working with her till she turned one year old. I thought it was going to be a challange since I started her so late, but she picked it up real quick. I didn't train her with hand signals or anything like that because I wanted to keep it fun for her. She does good... she waits for me to tell her to "go" before she'll get the duck. Sometimes, if she doesn't see the bird fall, I will throw a rock near the bird and make a splash to show her where to go. She's not perfect, but she does what I need her too. I enjoy watching her work as much as I do shooting the birds. They learn fast. I worked here for about 15 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week and by the end of a month, she had the fetching part down. Then I had to start shooting around her. I started out shooting a .22 from a little distance and worked closer too her, and then I got the 12 guage out and did the same thing. I had my wife praise her everytime I shot. She didn't get scared at all. Good luck training yours. When you do it yourself and see her go get that first bird, it really gives you a since of accomplishment. Sorry to be so long winded but you caught me on something I like to talk about. I'll see if I can find some hunting pics to post...
The top left is my dad, me and kate. The top right is Kate getting her first bird, and the bottom is Kate wanting to play with her ducks.