post pic of your dogs!!


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hey bill, what type of dog is that?
Hi JackNJill long break from forum for me, good to see you still hanging around.
That's 4 month old white bull terrier, what a personallity that guy has and if I have a treat in my hand like in that picture he sure does listen.


Ok here's Mine..Tala and Gretchin, Sugar and Blue. Sugar & Blue are Austraian Blue Heelers-they used to herd our horses..but they are old now.



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My 8 yr. old Choc. Lab. He's camera shy, always submits and lays his ears down...and, refuses to look directly at the camera. lol


these are my kids:
Umpa the doxie aka muffie short for muffin because some times he is the devil.
bunny the pit , he loves to hop around with his chew toys
nachizmo the chiwawa, he thinks he is all man!