Salt Mixes.....What are you using????


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I found a place that can order it for me, but I figure that won't be worth it. I think I am going to try aqua vitro when I get low on my RC.


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The closest store is an hour an away and the next closest is 2. I don't have great fish places by me. The most decent LFS is 45 mins away and that isn't even that great (I do like shark feeding time tho).

florida joe

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Lois Lois Lois
I figure if I like it, I will look into getting it a different way, BUT I just wanted to try it


IT SHIPPED!!!!! YAYYYY...If I get it by Friday I will use it this weekend..if week LOL
Let's hope for Friday


Well poo, right after I ordered some salinity I just found out my favorite LFS has started carrying it. I'm not just why I wasnt given their name when I emailed the company. Good to know for next time I guess


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i just did a good water change with the salinity.every time i do one the corals just blow up.cant wait to hear how everyone else likes it.reminds me i have to call them for my commission