Screen names


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Groupers = Favorite fish
Grateful Dead = Favorite Band
Dead Head = GD fan
Grouperhead = Grouper fan
Cool huh :p .


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SPS-Small Polyp Scleractinian (Stoney)
100- Random Number. I though SPSfreak was taken already, so to save my time I just added 100 onto it.
Add it all together, and it's 'Small Polyp Scleractinian Freak100,' Since obviously I enjoy SPS corals, for their branching appearence, as well as those beautiful tri-colour looks on some of the corals ;)
Graham :)


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Mine is Ty (Tyler)for my name, 05 (2005) year i graduate HS, and F for the initial of my last name.
hmm.. in my case i dunno what it means, lol
ive used this name for a long time now, on message boards, day of defeat, operation flashpoint, and other online games
i saw it once in high school.. has been with me ever since ( that was 8 years ago )
When I registered with the board, and they asked me what screen name I wanted, I thought they were asking me for my real name, so I put it! :eek:


"R" is for the first letter of my name. Then "O" is for the second letter of my name. Then "B" is for the third letter of my name but here is where it get complicated... The second "B" is for the last letter in my name because I had to be a little different than most. So to recap my name is Robb with two "B's". If I have lost anyone I apologize. :D :D :D :D


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RyeBread = Ryan + I like Bread
Everyone calls me Rye.
The wife calls me ShortBread. I don't know why. :( :confused:


You guys are SO funny! I laughed all the way through this thread! <smile>
TangTang: my first favorite fish. Then I met the rest!!! My favorite now is between all my triggers and flame hawk!
Bang Guy: LOL! I read so much more about salt water than I talk to people. So... I rarely pronounce the names properly! I'm constantly being laughed at in the fish stores. They get such a kick out of me asking about "AFAZIA" and "GEORGIANS"! Thanks guy! Banggai!


Quite simple...I was a big Dragonball Z fan, so i decided i should be a + Vegeta = RoGeTa. used it for about 3 years now..just a good name that i like :D
Looking up,


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Ok, well, another one of my hobbies is shooting. And some of my competition guns have a "hairtrigger."
My favorite fish ever is a Clown Trigger. I used to have a gorgeous one about 12 inches long. He was a mean ba$tard, and had a temper worse than a smith and wesson. So, I combined the two, sort of.
And got hairtrigger. Cause of the shooting, and my old trigger's quick temper. :cool:
And plum.... ooooooooo.... I like the car man. I lahk it a lot. I want to restore an old Camaro SS or a Chevelle SS. It's a tough call. Did you restore that one, or buy it up in NY or Fl?