Screen names

tahoe ocean

too easy! Tahoe = my native home
Ocean = what I try to partially recreate here at 6223 FT
Email- Mommy = what I am to a 3 1/2yr old and a 2 yr old
BratT = what my hubby has called me for 10 years (the second T is for trouble) ;)



Originally posted by KimKissyFish
This was a great thread!
Cavi- for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs, I have 2
Mom- Because I am a MOM.. =)
Hence... Cavimom

my mom luvs those dogs! first name is dave and my last name is h, and i have a fish tank, DfishH, i am so clever, i know ur thinkin it! i came up with it in like 1 minite cuz i had to ask a question really important one and i just wanted to log onto the board quickly, i coulda just used my screen name but.....i dunno


I am loyal to the Twassecc Empire!
BHAV: Anacronym for Bipedal Heavy Assault Vehicle.
Drew this awhile ago... Like a few years ago. Very very out of date, but here you go.


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Originally posted by Lou_Brakant
lou_brakant = lubricant, just one of my sick ---- names, I like to use. Also Ken_Ieachou = Can I eat you, or Phil_lashe'o = Philatio.
Sorry do not mean to affend anyone, just a prankster. Real AKA = Keith

Ha hA- that would have been funny when i was 12 :rolleyes: - dont forget there are younger members here- ;)


I think mine is self explainatory.... Blennies are my favorite fish. and well, to be blunt, I'm a babe. at least thats what my Boyfriend tells me. :D


first name= paul
middle name=franklin
when i was young my grampa said he was going to get me some pf flyers. my cousins thought that was funny and started calling me pfer.
so when i got to college i needed a password for something
and i tried to use pfer but it was taken. imagine that.
so i used pferboy


Simm... yea know? Well I use to play laser tag with my wife. She loves Dodge Rams Pickups. Well her laser tag name was RaM, So I made mine simm. Simm and Ram!! :D


my kids are D (dave) S (steve) and A (amy) so I am dsa_mom. I often see license plates with dsa on them, just as random letters from the dmv and I think "that should be my plate" but those personalized plates are expensive, so I never tried to get one.
Maybe I should drop a hint for mother's day!


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jon....first name

cause im scottish and do a mena impression of the charachter fb from the austin powers movies..... what did you think i was fat???? are you callin me fat????
good luck


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Na is the symbol for sodium, Cl is the symbol for chloride. Sodium chloride (NaCl) is salt, H2O is the chemical symbol for water so you have NaCl-H2O is salt water as my name.


It is a 1964 Chrysler 300, Silver Special K Ram. The silver special was a two door coupe 25th year anniversary model, silver in color, with a half black vinyl roof. The K, signified the two door high preformance series drivetrain and suspension, following in the line of 300 series that started with the 1955 C 300, and continued until the 1965 L. Regarding the " RAM", that was a special dual cross ram intake, special order from the factory. 77 of these cars were produced in 1964. Two are known by the 300 club. This baby is undergoing a restoration, and
is correctly enunciated, SS K RAM !!!