share your triggerfish!


can get to be over 3' its about 8' now so have a couple years before gets to big for that tank. Have a friend that has an online store and can find it a new home when the time comes


I am planning to get a humu trigger for my future tank do you have any tips about these fish i will be getting a 75g aggresive tank


I have one in my 75 gal mixed reef tank and they only bad thing that I can about mine is that when I add snails he goes crazy and eats maybe 3 or 4 out of the 10-12 when added and then leaves them only advise is don't make him a pet, there was a store in Toronto that had a trigger that the owners made a pet out of him, hand feeding, petting him and he went crazy and killed all the other fish in the tank when he thought that he was being ignored..they do have tons of personality..


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Ha ha nice I've never really got in the fly game.
No on pope, didn't come to my area lol. Iam getting ready for bow season opens tomm


Hey guys Im in the process of getting a 150 gallon tank for trigers and other fish I cant have in my 75 tank do you guys have any suggestions for me this is going to be my fourth tank I have 2 fresh and a 75 saltwater now I love the hobby and im new to saltwater but quickly relized I cant have every fish I want in the same tank with my coral I would like to move me empuri angel to the 150 as well cause he will out grow the 75.


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As far as temperament no problem. I'm not sure about tank size more because of the length of the tank for the tangs. 120s as I recal are only 4' long which is fine for some tangs and not for others. A trigger that is a smaller species could work. Just check for adult size when you do your research.