Sick banded cat shark


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Hi I really need help ive had my shark for about a month. he recently started eating every other day. I have fast swimmers so it's kinda hard to feed him. But today he was gasping for air and I've found him on his back twice. I've tested the water everything pretty much okay. just yesterday i changed the filters so i can't do water changes just yet, but idk what to do. it's 180 gallon tank the shark is about a foot. please help Idk what to do don't want to lose him not for the money but is but first shark.


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How long have you had the shark and I know it's 180g but what type of tank is he in? Sharks typically don't do well in tanks with 90deg corners since they're constantly on the move. They tend to bang into the corners and that messes with everything. They're better off in round or oval tanks. Have you tested your water lately? What do you feed him?
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I just looked up banded cat sharks. Do you know that they belong in a 360 gallon tank seeing as they grow up to about 3-1/2 feet? They're also not very compatible with a lot of fish. Have you noticed any aggression either towards the other fish or from the other fish?


What are your nitrates level. High nitrates are no good for sharks and rays. Hope your shark is ok....