Things we regret adding?


Blue leg hermits...kill my scarlets, snails, conch, my patience. I do not think I will ever add these guys to a tank again.


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Well like many others I have added damsels to my tanks before, and always had to tear the tank down in order to catch the beasts. Im also guilty of adding clowns to my tanks, great looking fish, and their relationship with anemones is what got me into the hobby in the first place, but they can be really territorial and extremely aggressive. The maroon that resides in my 75 at the moment has be causing chaos for a couple of years, kicking up sand, nipping at me when I have my hands in the tank, and attacking other fish, most recently she took out my female bangaii cardinal, half of a breeding pair, and my fox face has scares all over it due to her, most of my other fish stay hidden most of the time as well. Shes soon to go as soon as I can think of way to get her. I also regret adding creatures like a green brittle star which took out several fish, a coral banded shrimp that took out a couple, and an arrow crab that nailed one. Mistakes I will never make again, and I can warn others of in the future. Some creatures just need a tank of their own. I also regret adding star polyps, zooanthids, and xenia, but those I can live with, for now ;)

coral boy

It's a spotted hawk fish for me I like to keep shrimp but my hawk likes to eat shrimp. and I can't catch him.


A big nasty undulated triggerfish. Killed a panther grouper, volitan lionfish, and almost killed a snowflake eel(all 3 were at least twice his size). Totally wrecked my rockwork, chewed a powerhead, then finally attacked my hand! This all happened in 2 weeks.


I have a pair of firefish that i see only when i feed as soon as they are done eating BAM,BAM gone under the rock. :D


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things I regret adding --- hmm the 45 pounds of sympathy weight during my wife's first pregnancy .....
Oh wait - to the tank .....
hmm while in college a room mate added nearly a 1/2 pint of vodka to my little clown tank and killed pth percs and the ricordea I had in there .... fairly certain now that I would have killed them eventually with my ignorance ... but still I'd highly recommend that no one adds any distilled spirits to their tank!!


Orchid dotty! Without question the meanest fish I ever had! Killed 2 shrimp, a bi-color blenny,coors wrasse and kept all the small fish in hiding! Ounce for Ounce the toughest fish I have had! Old yeller-why the bi color blenny? Just curious.


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1. bicolor blenny....was in my tank and fine for six months, then decided one day to nip at my gorgeous electric green moon coral...bad idea... broke the tank down and caught the little b@st@rd, but not soon enough...teh moon didnt make it and must have developed a nasty bacterial infection, cause even after removing him cause he died, it transferred to all of my other lps corals and wiped them out
2 candy canes, a red and green brain, and of course the moon itself were the final makes me sick
2. green star polyps/yellow zooanthids... they grow liek weeds and have a nasty sting that sps corals arent too fond of. almost lost a monti cap frag to these damn things!
good luck


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We've got a 150gal reef, and in getting started transferred all the inhabitants from my fish only tank into the reef. Very shortly after realized my mistake. In response to getting these "mistakes" out of a reef, here's some information that may help....
I've tried everything from buying "The Trap" by UltraLife Reef for $45.99 ... NOT! Waiting patiently with a net for hours for a fish to wander by.... Fishing hooks with bait.... Nothing worked.
At my LFS, I ran into a brilliant guy who let me in on a little secret. Fish can't see the color RED. So here's what you do. Go a couple of days so the fish are real hungry. Wait for night. Prepare fish food. Add it to the front of the tank with all the pumps off so the food stays at the front. When the fish start on their feeding frenzy shut off every light in the house (inside and out). Its gotta be pitch black. Then turn on a red light. Flashlight with a red filter in front works fine too. You'll be able to see the fish, and they wont be able to see you. You'll be able to net out the target fish. Always start the net low, and come up from under the fish.
I've had very good luck with this method, to date pulled out a Trigger, two Tomato Clowns, a puffer, 3 brittle stars, and other assorted little guys that should never have been added to my reef.
Good luck and hope this works for you...


and great tip on the red light. I'm going to try that as I have to remove some fish.
i'm new to this, but already regret adding a star -- only lived long enough for my kid to get attached to it.
am curious about what's wrong with tomato clowns? not reef safe?


<<<Ekclark said: Blue leg hermits... killed my scarlets, snails, conch, my patience. I do not think I will ever add these guys to a tank again. >>>
Wow - didn't realize Blue Legged Hermits were capable of this. We have quite a few in our reef take and no trouble at all. We don't have Scarlets, but do have Cleaner Shrimp and lots of Turbo Snails. Makes me a little concerned now.
My 75 gal has been running very smoothly - all fish getting along nicely. We have a very large maroon clown, a flame angel (does a nice job on any algae), and a large spotted mandarin. I have been contemplating adding another fish. After reading this post, I think I'll leave things as they are. Why ask for trouble.
Thought about a Tang of sorts. Don't want to deal with Ich.
Thought about some kind of Trigger that reef safe - but don't want the aggression.
Thought about some cool juvi Angel but don't want to deal with it eating the inverts.
So, I think I'll buy some more corals and forget about the fish. Don't really need that kind of headache.
Thanks for the interesting posts.
well I have to a Blue Devil Damsel and a 3 bar Damsel I am trying to get them out so i can put them in with a lion so he can eat them :mad: I think that would make me happy they have picked on and killed 4or5 fish

nm reef

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Don't ya just love it when old threads make a come back!!
This one is several months old but seems as current as ever....:cool:


the whole system...It has cost me a divorce, tore out a wall to have a place to put it, had to go to bankrupcy, have the kids cutting grass for frags, electricty bill went up, got locked up in a mental hospital when the doctor heard I paid $7 a pound for rock, fired from my job for stealing bottled water, heck the list goes on and on..but the reef is still looking good and that is what counts.


The squirrel fish I got at death-co, didn't qt and ended up infecting my entire tank with a parasite. I lost a dwarf lion, ebli angel, a volitan, and my porky puffer. My juvi huma trigger is still hanging on by a thread in the qt now, but I figure he'll join his tankmates any day now.:mad: :(